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About Dinky Fingers

I am a mum of two and we moved to Malta from England in 2015 and during my time looking for ways to entertain my toddler whilst having a very small baby, I noticed that craft and paint a pot activities were not common in Malta.  So the idea began to form and the more I researched products, the more excited I became about what we could offer.  My aim is to offer our items at great prices (as kids are expensive enough!) and we also offer a free small baby play area and free tea and coffee for the parents.  I wanted to create a place where parents and children could come and enjoy some time together, being creative and not spending a fortune!  So Dinky Fingers was born....come along and check us out!   

Since opening we have also added the keepsake making side to our business.  I have always made the silver fingerprint jewellery but have since expanded to pottery and ceramic keepsakes as well.  Our little ones grow so fast it is great to be able to capture some memories for parents.